Friday, May 31, 2013

Christmas 2012

Family Christmas Party

For the "A" side of the family Christmas Party we all met for dinner at La Ferrovia in Ogden and then went to see the Bar J Wranglers perform at Roy High School.  

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we started the afternoon with the "D" side of the family.  We had lunch and then opened presents from one another.  Then that evening we went down to my Aunt Gartha's house for dinner and the annual candy bar game.  The night ended with Christmas PJ's from the Elf :)

Christmas Morning

Ryan's Top 3 Favorites
1. GoPro Hero 3 Camera
2. Season Snowboarding Pass to Wolf Mountain
3. Gun...(I have no clue what kind it is)

Kylie's Top 3 Favorites
1. Concert tickets to One Direction (She's going with 2 friends)
2. HP Laptop (which is nicer than her Mom's :P)
3.  Hunger Games Trilogy with Fuzzy Blanket and Pillow

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's 60th Birthday!  
We all met at Maddox for dinner last night to celebrate.  Last weekend Kylie and her friend, Brylenn, made her birthday banner that we had hanging on the wall during's was super cute!  My Mom is headed to Moab today for her birthday to go hiking with their friends....considering she just had surgery on her sinus's last friday, I think she crazy.  Hopefully she doesn't get down there and over do it.....but, who am I kidding, of course she will ;)  


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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Weekend Fun!!

One of my favorite high school memories is when my mom would take my girlfriends and I around to go toilet papering and decorate dashing! Decorate dashing is when we would simply make the boys cars/trucks look even prettier with Oreo's and or anything else we could find at the last minute :)  Good clean fun!  The best part was having my Mom as our get-a-way driver! I can proudly say that after NUMEROUS nights out...we only got caught once!  LOL...Sorry Mr. and Mrs. Milne, but honestly there was no need to wake Brian up ;)

I might have started a little earlier with my kids...but we have a ball out there together!  My friend Natalie and her daughter, Taylor, are always our partners in  crime  fun! The first few times we went out we went penny tapping...

Penny tapping involves a band aid, penny, and lots of clear fishing line. Stick the fishing line and the penny on one side of the band aid. Place the other side of the band aid onto the corner of a neighbors window. Take the other end of the fishing line somewhere across the street and hide where you cannot be seen.  Pull the string over and over. This results in a loud and awkward sounding noise on the window.  SUPER FUNNY!!  

Joel and Adam taught this to Carie and I.  I would like to say that the four of our adults have outgrown our penny tapping days...but it's addicting :)

The kids first penny tapping victim was Natalie's sister-in-law and nieces.  It took over 15 minutes before they figured it out.  It would have taken longer but Ry started laughing too hard and got us busted.

The next weekend our second victim was our friends, the Bingham family.  This one is the best one EVER!!  Little did we know that Callie was sitting in her dark living room watching us the entire time....she watched us drive-up, get out of the car to find a hiding spot and get the band aid ready, she watched Ry and Taylor run up and stick the band aid to her window...and then she waited. She patiently waited until we had given up and sent the kids to get the band which point she started BANGING on the inside of her window.  The kids started SCREAMING...Ry jumped over her flower bed and took off running!  IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

The next weekend we decided to try something new.  I got a great idea from Pinterest....I FREAKING LOVE PINTEREST!! We thought we would try Ding Dong Ditching!  You can even follow the links from Pinterest and print the cute tag for your box of ding dongs.

After a quick stop at Maverik...for ding dong's and hot chocolate...we set out to find our victims.  Our first victim was Ky's friend, Tyler.  Our second victim was Ry's friend, Riley. Our third victim was Taylor's friends, Cydney and Jaycee...aka the Frayser Twins :)

Taylor knew all about the Frayser's having video cameras in their the kids made plans to dance for their cameras on the way up to the front porch. So...they dance and then they ditched!  We spent the next hour playing night games at the park and headed home.  Natalie dropped us off and within minutes was texting me that she was on her way back.  Her and Taylor were laughing.  When they arrived home they found this surprise waiting for them!

In order of appearance...Taylor, Ry, Ky and in the very back is Natalie.  
I was in the get-a-way car!

In less then an hour, they put the video to music...posted it to youtube...and came up with this cute Snicker idea.  They are almost as clever as me ;)

I knew that they had figured out that it was Taylor...but I thought that they wouldn't know that it was Ry and Ky with her.  BOY WAS I WRONG!  Mrs. Frayser is a teacher at my kids fact she was both Ry an Ky's 3rd grade teacher.  Monday morning I had to deliver things for Red Ribbon Week to her class...and she totally called me on it.  We were both laughing and she had to explain to her entire class about our "weekend fun" :) 

Needless to say....WE'VE BEEN...and continue to plan on...HAVING FUN!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thank a Police Officer Day

Joel and I took a moment on Saturday to thank Ryan T., my brother-in-law, for the fabulous job he does protecting the citizens of Murray from all of the drunken naked people of the world and for staying current on who will take over for the Queen of England when she dies... (See there are crazier people than me and my possessed lawn sprinklers...they REALLY were possessed, even ask the nice Roy City Police Officer that came to rescue me at 2am, even he agreed that they were possessed :P  I can't believe I didn't blog about that night.  Joel was out of town, my brother was camping and my favorite neighbor was drunk....good times!)

Between wedding ceremonies Joel and I dropped off a balloon bouquet, complete with a rock'n awesome Lego police balloon, attached to his favorite treat and drink...Laffy Taffy and Mountain Dew.

In all seriousness...Ryan and all of the other Police Officers put there lives on the line every day and I truly am thankful!  Above I mentioned a few of the silly calls he's taken but some of the ones I hear about make the hairs on my arms stand up...I could not do it!

Thank you really are a super hero (piercing blue eyes and all;)

Late Saturday night I realized that I had forgotten to take a picture of his balloon bouquet for my blog...I sent my sister a text asking her to take a picture of Ryan with his awesome Lego balloon...although the first one made me laugh, I think I'll post the second one :P

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Funny Video

While looking through Joel's phone looking for pic's...I found this video he took of Ry when they went up camping with Joel's friend from work.  It's hard to hear Ry singing...which is why Joel started to record him, however, it only got better from there!  It's SO Ry :)